EGSR 2018

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ICL Multispectral Light Stage: building a versatile LED sphere with off-the-shelf components
Christos Kampouris and Abhijeet Ghosh


On the Advancement of BTF Measurement on Site
Vlastimil Havran, Jan Hosek, Sarka Nemcova and Jiri Cap


Iso Photographic Rendering
Philippe Porral, Laurent Lucas, Thomas Muller and Joël Randrianandrasana


A Simple Diffuse Fluorescent BBRRDF Model
Alisa Jung, Johannes Hanika, Steve Marschner and Carsten Dachsbacher

Image-based Fitting of Procedural Yarn Models
Alina Saalfeld, Florian Reibold and Carsten Dachsbacher



Towards Practical Rendering of Fiber-Level Cloth Appearance Models
Adrian Alejandre, Carlos Aliaga, Julio Marco, Adrian Jarabo and Adolfo Muñoz



A Method for Fitting Measured Car Paints to a Game Engine’s Rendering Model
Tom Kneiphof, Tim Golla, Michael Weinmann and Reinhard Klein



Perception of car shape orientation and anisotropy alignment
Jiri Filip and Martina Kolafová


Towards Physically-Based Material Appearance in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum: A Short SurveyEva Burkard and Laura Haraké


Deep Dual Loss BRDF Parameter Estimation
Mark Boss, Fabian Groh, Sebastian Herholz and Hendrik P. A. Lensch


Kernel Prediction for Spatially Varying BSSRDFs
Oskar ElekUpdate: Benchmarking InfrastructurePieter Peers

Diffuse-Specular Separation using Binary Spherical Gradient Illumination (EI&I Track)
Christos Kampouris, Stefanos Zafeiriou and Abhijeet Ghosh


Approximate svBRDF Estimation From Mobile Phone Video (EI&I Track)
Rachel Albert, Dorian Chan, Dan Goldman and James O’Brien


Turning a Digital Camera into an Absolute 2D Tele-Colorimeter (CGF Paper)
Giuseppe C. Guarnera, Simone Bianco and Raimondo Schettini


Acquisition and Validation of Spectral Ground Truth Data for Predictive Rendering of Rough Surfaces (CGF Track)
Olaf Clausen, Ricardo Marroquim and Arnulph Fuhrmann



Stratified Sampling of Projected Spherical Caps (CGF Track)
Carlos Ureña and Iliyan Georgiev


Optimal Sample Weights for Hemispherical Integral Quadratures (CGF Paper)
Ricardo Marques, Christian Bouville and Kadi Bouatouch


Progressive multi-jittered sample sequences (CGF Track)
Per Christensen, Andrew Kensler and Charlie Kilpatrick


Deep Adaptive Sampling for Low Sample Count Rendering (CGF Track)
Alexandr Kuznetsov, Kalantari Nima Khademi and Ravi Ramamoorthi



Matrix Bidirectional Path Tracing (EI&I Track)
Chaitanya Chakravarty Reddy Alla, Laurent Belcour, Toshiya Hachisuka, Simon Premoze, Jacopo Pantaleoni and Derek Nowrouzezahrai


PN-Method for Multiple Scattering in Participating Media (EI&I Track)
David Koerner, Jamie Portsmouth and Wenzel Jakob


Spectral Gradient Sampling for Path Tracing (CGF Track)
Victor Petitjean, Pablo Bauszat and Elmar Eisemann


A Unified Manifold Framework for Efficient BRDF Sampling based on Parametric Mixture Model (EI&I Track)
Sebastian Herholz, Oskar Elek, Jens Schindel, Jaroslav Křivánek and Hendrik Lensch



A Composite BRDF Model for Hazy Gloss (CGF Track)
Pascal Barla, Romain Pacanowski and Peter Vangorp


A Physically-based Appearance Model for Special Effect Pigments (CGF Track)
Jie Guo, Yanjun Chen, Yanwen Guo and Jingui Pan


Handling Fluorescence in a Uni-directional Spectral Path Tracer (CGF Track)
Michal Mojzík, Alban Fichet and Alexander Wilkie


Reproducing Spectral Reflectances From Tristimulus Colours (CGF Paper)
Hisanari Otsu, Masafumi Yamamoto and Toshiya Hachisuka



Deep Painting Harmonization (CGF Track)
Fujun Luan, Sylvain Paris, Eli Shechtman and Kavita Bala


Deep Hybrid Real and Synthetic Training for Intrinsic Decomposition (EI&I Track)
Sai Bi, Kalantari Nima Khademi and Ravi Ramamoorthi


Thin Structures in Image-Based Rendering (CGF Track)
Theo Thonat, Abdelaziz Djelouah, Fredo Durand and George Drettakis


Exploiting Repetitions for Image-Based Rendering of Facades (CGF Track)
Simon Rodriguez, Adrien Bousseau, Fredo Durand and George Drettakis


Efficient Caustic Rendering with Lightweight Photon Mapping (CGF Track)
Pascal Grittmann, Arsène Pérard-Gayot, Philipp Slusallek and Jaroslav Křivánek


An Improved Multiple Importance Sampling Heuristic for Density Estimates in Light Transport Simulations (EI&I Track)
Johannes Jendersie and Thorsten Grosch


Primary sample space path guiding (EI&I Track)
Jerry Jinfeng Guo, Pablo Bauszat, Jacco Bikker and Elmar Eisemann


Re-Weighting Firefly Samples for Improved Finite-Sample Monte Carlo Estimates (CGF Paper)
Tobias Zirr, Johannes Hanika and Carsten Dachsbacher

Scalable Real-Time Shadows using Clustering and Metric Trees (EI&I Track)
François Deves, Frédéric Mora, Lilian Aveneau and Djamchid Ghazanfarpour


Soft Transparency for Point Cloud Rendering (EI&I Track)
Patrick Seemann, Gianpaolo Palma, Matteo Dellepiane, Paolo Cignoni and Michael Goesele


Online Shader Simplification (CGF Track)
Yazhen Yuan, Rui Wang, Tianlei Hu and Hujun Bao


On-the-Fly Power-Aware Rendering (CGF Track)
Yunjin Zhang, Marta OrtínObón, Victor Arellano, Rui Wang, Diego Gutierrez and Hujun Bao

Quad-Based Fourier Transform for Efficient Diffraction Synthesis (CGF Track)
Leonardo Scandolo, Sungkil Lee and Elmar Eisemann


Screen Space Approximate Gaussian Hulls (EI&I Track)
Julian Meder and Beat Bruderlin